Landscape Rakes

The Rake-N-Ator

The simplest landscaping and land-leveling tool that has a quick-attach mount for any variety of skid steer loader.

The Rake-N-Ator has 5 bars that are equipped with 80- 2 inch long teeth to loosen and flatten your landscaping area, but can also be used on numerous other jobs. The rake works with the same basic ideas and principles as your ordinary garden rake, by filtering material over the bars and caring material to low places leveling the area.

5 basic steps to using the Rake-N-Ator

  1. Make sure rake is securely attached to your machine before use.
  2. When using the rake in the forward motion keep the back of the rake close to the ground to stabilize the machine. Then use the front to dig or fill, just like a cutting edge on a skid steer bucket.
  3. When using the rake in the backwards motion keep the rake level to the ground just like back dragging with a skid steer bucket.
  4. Back dragging with the rake is best for finishing work or fluffing the top layer up, preparing it for a seedbed.
  5. Once you have your area level back drag all of your unwanted debris (rocks, sticks, stones, etc.) to a central point so it can be picked up with a skid steer bucket.